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The paragliding school is now closed until May 1, 2013. We take our winter quarters actively preparing the store opening Gliss'add Orcières sports: ski rental Winter Orcières Come join us for your skiing holidays. Opening and inauguration December 15, 2013.

For all your paragliding, a watch phone and email is active. Book now your paragliding training for summer 2013. Call and accompanies you.

Andalusia fall of 2012, the dates are set. Book your week. First week: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 to Thursday 8 November 2012. This is the week where you need to support our youth. A minibus will be starting from Gap for allergic plane Sunday, October 28 with a descent into several steps decorated with flights. Otherwise Marseille departure aircraft flight FR 5187 13:45. Second possibility, Thursday, 8 November 2012 to Sunday 18 November 2012. That week is reserved for those who do not go to school. Marseille departure or arrival Seville elsewhere. Grouping in Seville for a year of discoveries. Reserve your paragliding gift vouchers. For the holidays, for birthdays, offer a gift voucher paragliding. A surprising and perfect gift. Consume in 2013. Go to the Gift Vouchers page. You also come to learn to fly with us. Few hours and you take off like that!

End of May 2012, we accompanied our youth cutting UNSS France Open paragliding and young people in the Jura. The results are up to all these hours of training. 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th in individual and 1st and 2nd team. Teo, Lolo coach, coach Mich, Sacha Videographer carry big brother Quentin, Simon and Yoann.


Team magic 2012 open paragliding young

School : The school of paragliding welcomes you in Gap, Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur. Every morning, the departure of the shuttle is organized Capital gentle valley to offer the best opportunities for theft. The Resources paragliding paragliding school offers some of the best paragliding sites in the Hautes-Alpes Orcières Ancelle Aspres on Buech, Laragne and many others. We welcome you in our pages to discover our range of products: paragliding training, paragliding, discovery session, baptism paragliding, paragliding voucher ... Do your internship paragliding instructors and experienced enthusiasts. The initiation course paragliding surprise you with its pedagogical approach based on tandem flight. Your internship will teach paragliding development work on the objectives set for each day. A paragliding school that emphasizes quality: 4 students maximum. Guaranteed an internship paragliding productive. Andalusia paragliding November 2012. 2 possibilities for this year's paragliding course in Andalusia during the Thanksgiving holiday and or the following week. Thermal flights, vultures, tapas, laughter and good humor. In autumn 2011 it was still very good. 06 08 85 02 28. Book your dates now.

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Book online is now possible. You can book your flights online paragliding. Very soon you can book your gift vouchers online. For birthdays and holidays, offer an original gift, a gift voucher paragliding. Information and reservations page gift vouchers. The paragliding school is subsidized by the ANCV and accept holiday vouchers and coupons sports. The Blog Resources paragliding paragliding school is now online and active. Information pass through it. Sign up, become a member and post on the blog. It is a place to ask questions, answer them and pass information to our group. Paragliding courses specific youth - 21 years. Go to page Bargains. Take your paragliding license online before coming to the course. Have your license key by e-mail via the contact form before going on the site FFVL.


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Resources Paragliding School Paragliding, paragliding courses mind.

Paragliding is not improvised. It takes patience, constantly repeating the basic skills and want to play on the ground for long hours. You must love looking at the sky and try to understand, cultivate humility, take your time and know enjoy the simple pleasure of being outdoors. Paragliding is a privilege because it is beautiful, it is good and it makes us feel good in mind. For a few minutes, you forget everything.

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The idea of ​​learning to fly paragliding paragliding Our school supports you in your rhythmn for quality learning during your internship initiation paragliding, tandem paragliding with as a means of progression, you are supervised by instructors paragliding enthusiasts. Come and make your introduction to paragliding in the Southern Alps, around Gap less than 2 hours from Marseille, Aix en Provence, Grenoble, within 3 hours from Lyon, Valencia. Discover our paragliding trips, promotions ... Stage initiation paragliding, paragliding refresher training, paragliding baptism, discovery sessions ... Stage paragliding for a week, a few days, the day, or for a long training, choose the option that suits you. Find all the details on page STAGES. Hosting solutions on Gap and surrounding areas for our paragliding school sailing in the valleys of the Hautes Alpes. Paragliding School, labeled FFVL No. 01948. Training at all levels in the Southern Alps. Tandem flights discovery and learning performance. Declared approved structure and Youth and Sports.

The Paragliding

In 1965, Dave Barish develops a sail lobed. This is the first paraglider wing. This concept evolves to sail off boxes that allow for peaks. In 1978 the French use for this type of sailing down from peaks in Mieussy Savoy. Paragliding is born in its modern version. Since then, the paraglider sails have evolved. Today we fly gliders fabulous, safe and perfomants. Caissons increasingly turned into many cell performance and still rising. The pleasure is intense paragliding.

Stage parapente Grèce avril 2015

Le stage de parapente en Grèce se précise pour le printemps 2015. Il y aura un départ minibus de Gap, une escale à Marignane ( aéroport de Marseille) avec dépot et récupération de passagers. Puis direction l'Italie pour Ancône. De là, nous prendrons le Ferry pour Igoumenista dans le nord de la Grèce. Deux heures plus tard nous pouvons être en place sur les sites de vol..

Je vous invite à réserver vos dates entre le 25 avril et le 8 mai.

Certains peuvent nous rejoindre directement sur les premiers sites par un vol Athènes Ioanina. Le vrai début du stage aura lieu le 27 avril. Organisez vous pour venir en camion avec nous ou nous rejoindre là bas. Les frais de route seront partagés. Pensez à faire des gonflages avant de venir et à vous ré entrainer. Nous vous conseillonstrès vivement de prévoir une assistance rapatriement.

La saison stages de parapente 2014 s'est terminée en beauté dans le ciel de l'Andalousie. Cet hiver nous reprenons nos quartiers à la station d'Orcières Merlette au magasin  Glissadd-sports-location-ski-Orcières . Nous vous y attendons pour profiter de la neige. Bon hiver et rendez vous au printemps 2015 pour une nouvelle saison parapente.

Alors ce prochain week end des 21 et 22 juin 2014 !

Vous voulez voler ?
Vous voulez essayer des voiles ?
Vous voulez partager le ciel dans la bonne humeur ?

Alors venez aux essais Advance à Orcières Merlette 1850 avec

RDV 8h 45 au magasin Gliss'add sports (100m à gauche de l'office de tourisme d'Orcières 1850).

Alpha 5 23, Alpha5 26, Alpha 5 28
Epsilon 7 23, Epsilon 7 26, Epsilon 7 28
Sigma 8 25 et Sigma 8 27
Sigma 9 25 et Sigma 9 27
Bi Béta 5 41

Les conditions de vol s'annoncent comme parfaites ! Vous voulez quoi de plus ? Pique nique et bières ? allez feu ...

Reprise des stages parapente printemps 2014

Ca redémarre par un stage en Italie à Castelluccio. Un terrain de jeu fantastique. Rendez vous à Orcières pour la reprise des stages parapente à partir du 15 mai. Il y en aura pour tous , avec du travail au sol pour affiner la technique, des vols pour reprendre ses marques, des débutants ultra motivés et des pilotes à perfectionner. Soyez en forme et rejoingnez nous vite.


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